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Why Dubai Is Best for business setup?

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Do you know Dubai will be hosting the next world Expo in October 2020? I don’t think it’s a secret anymore as Dubai will be hosting approximately 25 million visitors from over 180 nations for the event.

On the announcement of the Expo 2020 in Dubai, there has been on and off plan by different property sector on how to carry out their business plan and invested to earn more interest. Those buying any property very close to the proximity of the Expo will receive a high return on investment.

The Expo will last for six months, and millions of visitor coming from over 180 nations will need to rent property during this period, and with an increase in demand, there will be more income for landlords because of the avenue to increase the rental fee.

Dubai population is increasing

Over thousands of people are relocating to Dubai every year and with the numbers of people increasing, there will need to rent or purchase a home. There are different communities in Dubai with alluring villa structures and townhouse. The one you choose depends on your choice, budget, and preference.

According to Dubai statistic center which was announced about Dubai population, it was said that in the year 2016, the population was 2.4 million and will reach 5.2 million by 2030. It simply means there will be demand for housing property and once you can invest your money into any now, you tend to get a huge interest when the demand for housing property is high.

Shopping festival

People travel to Dubai for shopping because they believe you can only get quality stuff from the mall and it appears that those who purchase their goods during the shopping festival makes much profit because most goods come with discount rates.

That is to those who purchase from the mall and during this festival, you can as well make more money by selling your goods in the city as you have higher propensity to make sales due to increase in population and demands for what you sell.

The tourism industry is booming

The economy of Dubai incorporates trade, business services, and tourism. And the construction of housing properties and hotels is increasing. It is an avenue for any real estate agent to dive into this pool of opportunity and make the best of it by buying properties or building hotels and housing property for rent and sales.

No annual property taxes

Do you get discouraged from investing in housing property in Dubai because of property taxes? There is no need to worry about that because you don’t need to pay any tax. Once the property is purchased, you become the outright owner of it without being obliged to pay additional money for taxes in the future.

Entertainment and relaxation center

Dubai is known to be a busy city, and that doesn’t mean there is no time for fun and relaxation. The city offers unique experiences with luxurious spas, yacht communities, beaches, water parks and skydiving. It is a platform for investors to invest in creating any of these recreational centers to meet the need of people and get more money to their pocket.

There are different social amenities which you can invest in and make you profits such as restaurants, bars, barbecue deck, football pitches, and tennis court to mention a few.

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