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11 Reason why Dubai is best to setup a Company

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  1. Taxation – A vast majority of taxes (personal, corporate, capital gains, VAT) are not existent in Dubai and that makes this city extremely business-friendly.
  2. Visa – The visa regime in Dubai is expat friendly, so having a business in Dubai means you can easily get a UAE residency visa. It makes leasing property, movement into and out of the country of UAE, and getting a Scavenge visa easy as a breeze.
  3. Free Zones – These are basically tax-free places where expats can completely own businesses without partnering with an Emirati agent or partner. These are of different types; healthcare, education, media etc.
  4. Repatriation – Though thanks to the practically non-existent taxation in UAE, most expats choose to keep their money in Dubai itself, a stable exchange rate with the USD ensures that you can send money out of the country at your will.
  5. Global aviation hub – The Dubai International Airport connects the huge continents of Asia and Africa with the western world, bringing together people from across the planet in one place to make opportunities materialize that would otherwise not be there.
  6. Safety – It has a strong law and order system in place, which makes it safe for you, your family and your employees to work in and this draws the best global talent here.
  7. Venues – Should you want to host meetings and conferences, or to attend them, there are plenty of venues you can choose from.
  8. Transport – It has a high-quality road transport network, as well as the world-famous Dubai Metro, you can get anywhere anytime without any hassle!
  9. Experiences – Dubai has something for everyone in the way of experiences; desert safaris, skydiving, relaxing dhow cruises, and waterparks that will blow you away.

With all the points mentioned above, we’ve barely skimmed the surface of why you must choose Dubai; but here are some statistics to inspire you: 90% of Dubai’s population is made up of expats, UAE is ranked the 14th happiest country in the world and  it has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

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